June 5. 2021 – DEARS reads in Material, Zurich
We will be reading from the second issue between 4 and 6pm
the bar will then be open from 6pm on…
Come and listen!


April 10. 2021 – Issue 2: Soft Launch at Bullingerhof, Zurich

December 20. 2020 – DEARS in Topic, Geneva

October, 25. 2020 – Issue 1: Launch in Material, Zurich

September, 28. 2020 – Issue 1: Launch with readings at Lehrerzimmer, Berne

(c) connected space – Nicole Bussien

September 2020 – DEARS & a voice message project

During the month of September, a voice message project invites DEARS to present an audio version of its first issue, TO.GATHER. The event is supported by connected space, Bern.
With texts by Nicole Bachmann, Alessandro De Francesco, Benjamin Egger, Gilles Furtwängler, Serafina Ndlovu, and Riikka Tauriainen.
Just dial and listen: +41 (0)800 00 12 16